Remote Network Solutions


Remote Network Solutions enable people working in different offices to work in the same office as if they were side by side with correct and appropriate network solutions.

ADK Teknoloji, within the scope of New Generation Remote Office / Branch Network Solutions, can easily replace your traditional remote area network (WAN) devices with new generation devices, distribute traffic dynamically for multiple remote area networks, manage it from a single point, use new generation devices for security and line line networks. ensures cost optimization.

We design and commission remote office / branch network integration solutions of all sizes, which require field expertise and project experience, on a turnkey basis and provide post-project services.

With Network Solution, it analyzes your company’s needs.
Develops recommendation models by analyzing capacity and performance planning, improvement / optimization, compliance with local / international standards.
Prepares the kit list of the products to be used and proposes the solutions.
Configures your remote and local area networks.
It optimizes data, voice and video traffic on wired / wireless communication networks.
It makes your networks compliant with regulations and provides end-to-end controls and provides turnkey service.