Maintenance Agreement


What is Enterprise Maintenance Agreement?

Institutional Maintenance Agreement, according to the agreement, at any time of the day or during working hours, in case of any problem with the software in Computer Hardware, Server and Network systems or in order to avoid any problems, the systems are intervened, the problems are resolved, the necessary measures are taken. includes purchasing services.

Advantages of Maintenance and Repair Agreement

Unlimited Support: Our customers are entitled to unlimited calls and on-site support within the scope of the agreement.

Support Priority: It undertakes to provide the support to be provided within the times specified within the scope of the agreement.

Solution Guarantee: Our contracted customers have priority problem resolution.

Price Advantage: Our contracted customers have price advantages for services provided outside the scope of the contract.

Proactive Maintenance: It will be responsible for the timely implementation of the operating system’s errors and the updates (service pack, bios update, patches, etc.) prepared by the manufacturer.

Project Consultancy: Support will be provided by expert consultants on various IT projects that may come to the fore during the contract period, upon your request.

7×24 Option: We offer our customers a 7×24 option for critical systems that require out-of-hours support.

Spare Part option: With pre-determined spare units for critical systems (to be kept at the customer’s site or within our company), it will ensure that the operation of the system is not interrupted in case of failure.