Hyper-Converged Systems


It is a software-based infrastructure that virtualizes all layers of hardware-based systems. In short, Hyper-converged infrastructures consolidate and virtualize the server, storage, and network layers using x86 platforms.

The biggest advantage over traditional architecture is that the system is managed from a single point. In traditional architecture, there is a separate interface for each layer and the system is managed from different interfaces.
In this way, both your existing data center, disaster recovery center and business continuity solution can be realized with a single product.​

We can gather the layers such as server, data storage, backup, virtualization, network that you need to manage in your data center, on a single structure, and enable you to use, manage and report

Advantages of Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions

High performance

Thanks to the Flash supported architecture, you can provide high performance and high speed.


It offers flexible architecture with the possibilities to expand your infrastructure horizontally and vertically.


It provides efficient capacity utilization with block-level deduplication and compression technologies.

Ease of Management

It provides the opportunity to manage the storage, network and compute interface from a single screen.


It is a reliable architecture with its redundant and self-healing technological infrastructure.